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Key Challenges in Invoicing for Restaurants and Hotels

Either you run a hotel or restaurant, there are challenges hotel managers faces!

Making sure that the clients are making the payment on time.

online invoice software for restaurants & hotels

Controlling business expenses and maintaining surplus cash.

saas billing software for restaurants & hotels

Improving client satisfaction and retention.

customized billing software for restaurants & hotels

Enhancing the productivity of staff members.

online invocing solution for restaurants & hotels

Managing staff members and tracking their activity.

online billing solution for restaurants & hotels

Simplifying the invoicing and payments process for clients.

automated invoicing solution for restaurants & hotels

Our Solutions

Take your hospitality business to the next level with the best of invoicing features.

Customize Workflow

With invoice for restaurants and hotels, you can customize the workflow and improve business productivity. Optimize resources and save on costs.

Task Management

Manage tasks assigned to staff members with ease. Track each task on billing software for restaurants and hotels and ensure it is completed on time.

Get Paid Faster

Schedule invoices and ensure they are sent on time. Add your terms and conditions, late fee and due date on invoices.

Track Invoices

Track the status of invoices and estimates - anytime, anywhere. Follow up for client payments in a timely manner.

Simplified Payments

Make it simpler for clients to pay online. Over 25 integrated payment gateways.

Control Expenses

Keep a track of all business expenses and control them as desired. Manage staff permissions with hotel invoice software and invoice for billable expenses

Manage Inventory

Track and manage the requisite amount of inventory for business. Optimize the level of inventory investment and save costs.

Reporting and Analysis

Quickly generate invoicing and outstanding reports to analyse on a periodic basis. Improve business decisions and grow your revenue.

Estimate Management

Track and manage business estimates easily. Ensure estimates are shared with clients in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions related to Restaurants and Hotels billing solutions from Invoicera

  • Q1. What is the licensing model for Invoicera's Restaurants and Hotels billing solution?

    A.The Restaurants and Hotels billing solution is licenced on a subscription model.

  • Q2. How does my billing system get managed?

    A.We have a dedicated team of IT staff for the management of the billing system on dedicated servers.

  • Q3. Is my data secure?

    A.Yes, We take the complete backup of the system on the regular basis. We have Scalable network architecture, Provision of disaster recovery & infrastructural facilities powered with latest hardware and software.

  • Q4. How do I access analytical customer data for financial analysis?

    A.Invoicera provides a simple and customized browser based system to track and analyse customer reports.

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